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Hi there we are Beth and Rob a swinging couple from Nottingham who love the swinging lifestyle, we have always been open with one another but a few years ago we sat down to have a chat about what was really important to us and in that conversation it became apparent that we both loves sex and wanted to explore our sexuality with others, no for most married couples that would be a problem but not for us, we love each other very much and see swinging as something we can do together to enhance our sex life, so we started to find a way of meeting other Couples 4 couples sex meets in Nottingham, at first it was hard as we had no idea how to go about swinging, after all you cannot go up to a couple in a pub or club and say hey there how about some wife swapping!

I started looking online for swinging in Nottingham while Rob was at work and that’s when I found Nottingham Swingers, I was so excited I could not wait until Rob cam home so I could show him what I had found, that night we had a good look around the site and found it to be the best place for us to find Couples 4 couples sex meets so we set about taking the next step, I was really suppressed to find out that joining Nottingham Swingers was FREE I never expected that so we filled in this simple form which only took a few minutes then we where in, I was like a kid in a candy store that night looking at all the swinging couples who we could be meeting very soon I even noticed one couple that I thought I new but Rob said it couldn’t be them, now if you would like to find Couples 4 couples sex meets then come and join us by signing up for your FREE account at Nottingham Swingers and who knows we could be meeting up in the near future.

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